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19-0227 The Dominance Playbook

978-0-937609-90-3, $19.95, Paper, 6 x 9, 304 Pages 

       The Dominance Playbook
Ways to Play With Power in Scenes and Relationships

By Anton Fulmen

"A thoughtful, careful approach to creating an electrifying erotic connection with another person - useful not just for a beginner just exploring this aspect of sexuality, but for the person well into their kink journey." - Richard A. Sprott, Ph.D., Sexual Outsiders: Understanding BDSM Sexualities and Communities

"A thoughtful and thorough guide to playing with erotic dominance and submission, teaching us that the hottest and most deeply satisfying scenes are crafted to perch firmly on the intersection of fantasy and reality.” - Dossie Easton, MFT, The Ethical Slut and The New Topping Book

"Useful and realistic information from a very experienced dominant.” - Jay Wiseman, SM 101

Kink educator and lifelong power exchange fanatic Anton Fulmen builds on the fundamentals he established in The Heart of Dominance to explore beyond the basics of dominance and submission in both scenes and relationships.

The Playbook includes inspiration and practical advice for a wide range of power exchange practices: administering effective punishments, providing useful service, navigating the delicate territory of sexual objectification, and other fulfilling but sometimes tricky areas of kink. You’ll find invaluable guidance for creating an intense evening of power exchange play, and also for weaving power exchange into the fabric of a long-term relationship - in ways that are exciting, fulfilling and sustainable for everyone.

Anton Fulmen is a well-known kink and sexuality educator in the SF Bay Area. He has been an officer of the Society of Janus, trained sex educators with SF Sex Information and wrote The Heart of Dominance.

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