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The Lazy Crossdresser

Charles Anders, a writer and crossdresser of many years' experience, gives you the skills and confidence you need to crossdress as much - or as little - as you want!

Unlike crossdressing manuals that insist on nothing less than perfect passable femininity, these pages give you permission to experiment! You'll learn how to achieve the results you desire with...
- Make-Up ("The Televangelist's Finger Test"
- Body Image ("Fat Is a Feminine Tissue")
- Undergarments ("Mr. Sad Is Mr. Happy Upside Down")
- Shoes and Accessories ("Man the Pumps!")
- Fashion ("Yuppie Riot Grrl Barbie")
- Dating and Relationships ("T and Empathy")
- and more!

What the experts are saying

"Let me declare an interest out front. I hate Charles Anders. Why, you ask, gentle reader, does Charles Anders stir such emotion in your normally calm reviewer? The answer is, because he has written this book, The Lazy Crossdresser, which was the book that I was destined to write to world acclaim, and has written it so well that my dreams of becoming a superstar author are now just bitter ashes.... So if I can just tone down the unattractive green tinge to my skin, perhaps by using one of Charles' annoyingly useful make-up tips, let me tell you about the book. Usually when a reviewer declares 'I could not put down this book!' it means the publisher has applied superglue and a visit to the ER was required to sever the literary connection. I did this time literally read this in a single sitting from cover-to-cover. I laughed. I read out extracts. I swore. I nodded my head in agreement." - Nadine Early, Transgender Community News

About the author

Charles Anders photoCharles Anders has crossdressed publicly for several years and has written transgender articles and fiction for the New York Press, the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Scarlet Letters, Neverworlds and others. His article on crossdressing in San Francisco won first prize for weekly newspaper feature writing from the California Newspaper Publishers Association. For more information, visit