Love In Abundance

ISBN 978-1890159771


Love in Abundance: A Counselor's Guide to Open Relationships

A professional relationship counselor's guide to polyamory, open relationships, and other alternative lifestyles. Beyond the basics of polyamory lies a complex web of negotiations, agreements, pitfalls and rewards. Kathy Labriola, a relationships counselor who has worked for many years with singles, couples and groups in polyamorous and open relationships, sets forth the realities of alternative lifestyles in an accessible and achievable format.

An essential guidebook for any individual, couple or group considering alternatives to monogamy, or for any caregiving professional who would like to understand more about these lifestyles.

What the experts are saying

"For people who are confused about the practice of polyamory, Kathy Labriola provides a clear, concise, and complete guide to its understanding. For people curious about how to do it, she provides an eloquent guide to its practice. And for people who never heard of polyamory, she provides a gentle introduction, with all appropriate cautions. Highly recommended!" - William A. Henkin, Ph.D., therapist and author

"Kathy Labriola leads us on a thorough and thoughtful tour of polyamorous lifestyles. She offers great information on how people succeed in forming these amazing and complicated relationships, explains the difficulties that can arise, and offers useful paths to solving the problems that people often struggle with when they decide to widen their relationship horizons. A great read for couples who are looking at opening their relationships to multiple partners." - Dossie Easton, MFT, author, The Ethical Slut

About the author

Kathy Labriola photoKathy Labriola has extensive experience assisting people with the challenges of non-traditional relationships, sexual orientation crises, political activism, and class struggle. A counselor and nurse, she has written articles for LovingMore,, and many other publications and websites.