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Training With Miss Abernathy

A Workbook for Erotic Slaves and Their Owners

author: Christina Abernathy

ISBN: 1-890159-07-7

specifications: 6" x 9", 160 pp.

$13.95 + shipping


Fifty transformative lessons for the erotic slave... the fundamentals of everything from providing sexual pleasure to sorting laundry to planning a worldwide tour with Master or Mistress. An invaluable reference guide for slave and Owner alike!


" A triumph... In fifty carefully crafted lessons, Miss Abernathy gurarantees the improvement of any houseboy or French maid's potential. I cannot imagine accepting a new slave into my household without assigning 'Training With Miss Abernathy.' It's pedagogical foreplay, my favorite kind." - Pat Califia, author, Sensuous Magic

"Anyone who faithfully follows the path laid down by Miss Abernathy will find himself or herself a gem of great price and an adornment of which a master or mistress can be proud." - John Warren, author, The Loving Dominant

"This book will prove extremely valuable to all men and women who find erotic servitude appealing. I recommend it highly." - Race Bannon, author, Learning the Ropes


Once described as "Oscar Wilde in a corset," Christina Abernathy has made it her life's work to instruct submissives in the finer points of service. When she isn't busy doling out proper sets of six, Miss Abernathy enjoys Baroque chamber music, tea in her rose garden, and edifying reading.

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