The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

08 - The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

978-1890159382 - $27.95 - oversized

"Lovers and SM players will find this book an inspiration as well as a manual on how to weave and tie intricate patterns of rope to turn their beloved into a presentation gift of sensual delight.... Scenarios, aesthetic and historical background notes, diagrams, and guides for pre-, during, and post-bondage activities are all included, so all you really need is a willing partner and your favorite rope coils, be they silk, hemp, or velvet." - William Dean, CleanSheets

From ornately decorative to excruciatingly stringent, Japanese rope bondage is an art which has developed over centuries of martial and erotic practice. Now, in a gorgeous large-format fully illustrated book, accomplished Japanese-born educator and practitioner Midori shows step by step how to achieve beautiful and exciting Japanese bondage on a variety of genders and body types.

Each chapter starts with a spectacular, tasteful full-color photo of the finished bondage pose - harnesses, hogties, standing and bent-over poses, and more - then goes back and explains with text and line art how each rope and knot is placed to achieve the final result. Readers can use the detailed instructions to experiment safely and erotically with their own partners - or simply enjoy viewing the pictures of Midori's expertise.

Acclaimed writer, teacher and workshop facilitator on a wide range of sexual topics, Midori has a degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and vast indispensable experience as a pioneering San Francisco sex educator. A regular advice columnist for Men's Health, Midori has appeared on HBO and BBC, and has been featured in Vogue, Playboy, Der Spiegel, Cosmo and more. Multifaceted, she is a skilled photographer and an artist in Japanese rope, presenting to art institutions such as Tanzquartier, Vienna and Das Arts in Amsterdam. Learn more about her projects at

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